Eau, My! A Perfect Day at the Eau Spa.

I took myself out for a well-deserved ★SPA DAY★

The Eau Resort and Spa has been on my bucket list for ages and this month, I finally treated myself to a day of indulgence. My workload is pretty seasonal, so after flying by the seat of my pants for the past six months, I was ready to take a day off and lounge around. Plus, now that summer's arrived and the snowbirds are gone, I can take advantage of some of the perks (read: killer discounts) that come with being a WPB local. 

During the off-season in South Florida (pretty much May through October), the Eau Spa offers day passes to locals for $100. If you can swing it, opting for one of their less expensive services like the Rapture is a great way to stretch your buck a little farther--for $40 more, you can book a 45-minute dry-float treatment that comes with complimentary champagne and access to the spa for the day, which is what I did! The spa opened at 8:30 and because it was forecasted to rain in the afternoon, I showed up bright and early. I was offered a glass of champagne upon arrival, picked out my lunch, and made a wish at the fountain.


I was shown around the spa and brought to my locker, which even had a hanger for my linen shorts (thank goodness, because they'll practically wrinkle upon eye contact).


I changed into my swimsuit and made my way to the courtyard to pick out a cabana. The spa's courtyard is gorgeous! It's private and lush and you're surrounded by the sounds of water. I spent the first half of my day outside because I knew the weather wouldn't hold through the afternoon. I was definitely able to make the most of my day!


I loved the whimsical touches they added: string lights, a giant chess game, swings floating above the water. Real talk--there is nothing more soothing than that easy, breezy ride. The back wall (pictured in the background of the chess board)  was actually a fountain, so all I could hear from your perch was the sound of water running. There were also plenty of comfy spots to sunbathe on next to the water, too.

My lunch arrived at 12:30 on a linen-covered cart and it was DELICIOUS. I ordered a jalapeño margarita and a compressed melon salad with goat cheese and crispy pancetta. OH! And a slice of chocolate cake, because why not? I don't know what they did to that melon, but it was sweet throughout and consistently firm--you know how most melon chunks are tough on one end and sweeter on the other? NOT THESE MELON CHUNKS! They looked like stained glass and they were sweet without being cloying. I don't know how else to describe them. It was life changing.


I was told to head to a sitting room about 15 minutes before my service. Here, they had comfy spots to sit and daily papers from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, along with plenty of magazines. There was a drink station with coconut water, tea, and CUPCAKES galore! The cupcakes were so good I ate at least four trying to figure out if the chocolate was better than the vanilla. No verdict was reached. Check out the chandelier made of crystal glasses, too! It was just one of many adorable touches sprinkled throughout the spa.


My treatment, the Rapture, was amaaaazing. The gist of it is that I got to lay on a waterbed while lathered in goop in a very serene environment. My "spa fairy" helped me customize the room; she let me pick the lighting (I switched from blue to a warm pink) and music (instrumental with no vocals, some nature sounds). The dry float bed that my treatment happened on was REALLY COOL! It looked like a claw-foot bath tub, but the surface was firm when I laid down on it.

My technician shmeared lotions and wrapped me up before pushing a button. Immediately, I began to sink into this waterbed cradle. If I twitched my feet, I could make the water ripple and it felt sooooo soothing. There I laid for 45 minutes perfectly alone and totally at peace in a hypnagogic state. LE SIGH! 

When it was over, my technician came back in, pushed a button again, and the water rolled away from beneath me and the surface became firm again. I swear I felt like a sea goddess emerging from the ocean. When I got up, there was a glass of champagne waiting for me!


I spent the rest of the afternoon inside. The spa had a neat layout; there was a men's side and a women's side with the courtyard in the middle. Each side is complete with a whirl pool and rain shower, heated lounge chairs, a steam room, sauna, and in the women's, there was a massive vanity with toiletries and heating tools. It rained all afternoon like I thought it would, but I didn't mind. I will say that I wish I had booked my treatment later in the day; I was hesitant to sweat or rinse off all the moisturizer that my skin had just absorbed. Next time!


I had such a great time at the Eau Spa. All in all, I spent about $220 for my treatment, lunch, and tip. It was something that I saved up for and I can't wait to go back. This spa really felt like self care; with clothing optional and a no-pressure atmosphere, it was luxurious without being oppressively stuffy. It was magic.