About the Team

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About the Blog

Fab Feminist is a more than a blog, it's a way of life. It's a place where feminist issues meets our love of self improvement meets lifestyle. We're millennials. We're working full-time jobs and side hustling. We support each other. We listen. We try to live our best lives and make what we know available to everyone. We're here to serve some working-girl realness as best friends living on opposite ends of the east coast trying our damnedest to fiercely support each other because we know we can't do it alone.

About Our Team

ALEXA, Founder.  She has an inclination toward strong language, strongly held opinions, and strong coffee. She believes that we have a moral responsibility to educate our community, respect our youth, and stand up for the disenfranchised. She created Fab Feminist in 2015.

GIULIANA, Partner. Giuliana is a New Jersey journalist and digital marketer with a creative writing degree from Eckerd College. When she's not snuggling her little black cat, on the phone with Alexa, or bopping around New Hope, PA, Giuliana's exploring her home state of NJ and its many surrounding areas and documenting them for her blog, New Jersey Nomad

SHAYNA, Editor. Shayna and Alexa met in Mr. Mart's sixth-grade class. Although they barely keep in touch, they both love getting brunch and turning down for they don't know what and being "about it." They're tight like the pony tail your mom tied for your 1998 recital. Shayna is a bigwig New York City journalism gal. She got a cat in 2016. Sometimes Alexa adds gratuitous commas just to piss her off.

Working with Us

 We are ALWAYS looking for writers and contributors from diverse backgrounds! If you have one post or a series or some artwork or a video or something totally different and you want to see it on our blog, let us know. We would LOVE to have you.

If you would like to sponsor our blog, advertise with us, or promote your product or services, we would LOVE to hear from you.

For all business inquiries, please e-mail us at fabfeministblog@gmail.com.

Sister Blogs, Channels, etc.

New Jersey Nomad is a blog by fellow Fab Feminist, Giuliana, who's passionate about travel.

Trail Mixed Media  is a space by created by fellow Eckerd College alumna, Andrea. She uses multimedia storytelling to explore the human relationship with the natural environment and to capture the wonders of our place on this wild planet.

The C-Word is a feminist climate podcast run by two Utah Environmental Humanities graduate students. Cleo, a host, is ALSO a fellow Eckerd College alumna!

The Princess and the Shriver is a YouTube channel run by a good friend about Disney films, intersectional feminist issues, current movies, and more.